Garges les Gonesses – Commune de paris

Garges les Gonesses – Commune de paris (95), Rehabilitation & Reconstruction of facades of 10 stories building – 343 housing. Budget (€ 5M) (April 2015 – July 2016)

Team: Two site engineers, a foreman, a trainee, and six subcontractors (35-40 Manpower)
Mission: Facades ETICS (10000 m²): Fundermax cladding types and ThermoShell, Roof Sealing work, roof safety guard, Lobby reconstruction, existing windows Replacement by Cellular PVC window with louvered shutters and sliding shutters

• Subcontractors Contract Negotiation and execution follow up
• Project handover with an M-1 target
• Organized the monthly invoices and facilitated the payments.
• Superb critical thinking skills and the ability to evaluate designs, plans and projects
• Promoting the highest standards of safety onsite at all times
• Negotiating with Statutory Authorities for the provision of main services.

Management :
• Responsible for planning, organizing, and handling workers
• Coordinate with clients, contractors, and suppliers for projects
• Attending meetings and competently communicate with Clients, Contractors
• Allocating roles, responsibilities and production activities within the team.
• Performed regular site inspection and ensure the staff is occupied
• Financial management (monitoring turnover, expenses, operating profit)
• Resources Management (personnel, equipment, overhead)
• Systems Deployment applied on previous projects
• Identifying efficiency and cost savings.
• Assisting with the development of more junior engineers.
• Software Development for administrative procedure in order to increase efficiency

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